Amy Goode Faris is a composer, arranger, performer, poet, and recording artist from Lubbock, Texas. After earning a degree in Music Composition from Texas Tech University, she went on to tour and record with numerous rock bands and to perform with such luminaries as Mac Davis, Joe Ely, Terry Allen, and David Gaschen. Amy has contributed keyboard and piano tracks to countless albums and has released two Christmas albums of her own, Hot Chocolate Songs and Hot Chocolate for Two (with Hannah Jackson). In 2013, she and Scott composed a new original soundtrack for the silent film Metropolis. The 146-minute score featured diverse genres for an ensemble of 24, and its sold-out live performances garnered critical acclaim. In 2015, Amy received the YWCA Women of Excellence award in Arts and Culture. With Scott, she has composed the soundtrack for the new documentary Between Earth and Sky: Climate Change on the Last Frontier (2017). Amy maintains a private piano and composition studio in Lubbock.


Scabaret - A tour-de-force of blended styles and tongue-in-cheek satire!

Scabaret (aka Three Bad Mamas and a Microphone) is a tour-de-force of blended styles, combining classical and swing technique with down and dirty rock sensibilities. Add generous splashes of tango, disco, R&B, cabaret, and country, and you have an intriguing amalgamation served up with humor, wit and style. Amy Goode Faris, whose work includes rock songs, choral pieces, film scores, and a ballet, is Scabaret’s resident composer/pianist. Joining her on vocals, guitar, typewriter and bells is scintillating top-40 X Factor USA contestant Hannah Jackson. Dr. Kimberly Sparr, world-renowned rock star of viola, rounds out the trio with peerless artistry. Faris sums up Scabaret’s ethos: “We are working musicians, moms, teachers and survivors who have come through all kinds of loss and upheaval with both scars and triumphs. Something bold and magical happens when we bring our shared experience into the same room to make music.” Scabaret hails from Lubbock, Texas, home of musical pioneer Buddy Holly.

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New Release:
Between Earth and Sky: Climate Change on the Final Frontier

Emmy Award-winning Film Director Paul Hunton knew he needed an emotional score for his landmark documentary Between Earth and Sky. Amy and her husband Scott Faris were up to the challenge.
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“The score Amy and Scott Faris created for my film Between Earth and Sky

— Paul Hunton, Director —



Click - A collaboration between composers Amy and Scott Faris and Ballet Lubbock

Blending cutting-edge modern dance and ballet with genre-bending music, video and visual art, Click is a tour-de-force modern performance experience. Click debuted April 7 & 8, 2017, at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center to rave reviews. Choreographed by the Ballet Lubbock Artistic Director Yvonne Racz-Key and a group of world-class choreographers from across the United States, Click is a mind-blowing live experience.
Click features a rock band, DJ, Rapper, a string quartet, clarinet, and world-class vocalists. The soundtrack for Click is scheduled for release in 2018.

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We are currently building Click into a touring entity designed to work with colleges and universities' dance programs. Interested? We would love to speak with you!

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About Click:

“Working with you on Click was

— Yvonne Racz-Key —
Artistic Director and Choreographer, Ballet Lubbock

Metropolis Elektro - a new score for the 1927 silent film composed by Amy Faris and Scott Faris

Metropolis Elektro

Metropolis Elektro is a really cool thing that Amy Faris and Scott Faris composed. You should hear it and see it.Metropolis Elektro is a really cool thing that Amy Faris and Scott Faris composed. You should hear it and see it.Metropolis Elektro is a really cool thing that Amy Faris and Scott Faris composed. You should hear it and see it.

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About Metropolis Elektro:

“ Occasionally you get to witness artistic ability expressed so elegantly and masterfully that

— Ryan Summers —

“I feel like I just watched, or rather heard, Lubbock be everything Austin thinks it is.

— Richard King —

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Casualty by Amy Faris
Two Sleepy by Amy Faris.  From the ballet Click.